devin dulany is a filmmaker and illustrator based out of new york city since 1992. 

he has worked as a professional video editor for the past 3.5 years since graduating from Tulane University with a degree in English, Film Studies, and Philosophy.

FROM 2015 to 2018, DEVIN WORKED WITH thE LEGENDARY COMMERCIAL AND MUSIC VIDEO director bob giraldi (who directed the music videos for BEAT IT, LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD, HELLO, and more), EDITING 3 SHORT FILMS FOR HIM, as well as several commercials, and a feature-length documentary on his career.

DEVIN has also directed AND EDITED several music videos, TRAILERS, and his own short films. 

AS WELL AS BEING A FILMMAKER, DEVIN is also a published freelance illustrator, with work published by such publications as DEADSPIN and Howler Magazine.  


email:  phone: (646) 416 3544